Obviously I'm going to start this by reminding you that if you haven't gotten your Strangerville Live tickets for our May 12 show, you should do it now.

I sometimes treat you people like you have Alzheimer's. It's how I get away with using the same jokes over and over again on Stranger. I bet if you did a full survey, you would discover that there have only ever been like seven jokes on Stranger in its entire history, and nearly half them are about puberty.


Speaking of Alzheimer's, today's episode of Strangerville is sort of about Alzheimer's Disease. Episode 15 is one that I'm particularly proud of. I've been wanting to produce it for some time and I was finally able to get all of the parts together that I needed for it. Please enjoy. And if you haven't done so yet, please do what the kids are calling "subscribe" and follow Strangerville on what the kids are calling "phone-a-ma-jigs."

This time in Strangerville, we learn how viewing a complex story through only one perspective can paint a very inadequate picture. The makers of Eli proudly present:Segment:1. Life on Paper by Gmac, Bob McCann, Cathie McCann, Glenn Hinkle, and Eli McCannMusic by Jared BirdProduction assistance by Jolyn Metro and Meg Walter

Glenn Hinkle original, circa 1968.
A Glenn Hinkle original, circa 1973.
Glenn and Alice Hinkle, sometime around 1997.

~It Just Gets Stranger