This time in Strangerville, we’re sweeping the clouds away.


Snuffy, by Eli McCann (with contributions by Nicole Kragt, Alanna Coca, Laura Lacko, Catherine Yepsen, and Brice Laris, and many of you)

Production by Eli McCann & Meg Walter

Skylar is very relieved that I'm finally done with this episode on Suffleupagus because I've been constantly humming the Sesame Street song for weeks and it has nearly led to divorce.

This is the most excited I've been in a while to share something from Strangerville with you. I think it's because as I've done some research and talked with many of you about your childhood memories over the past couple of weeks it's put me in a very nostalgic place.

I can remember so vividly staring at the TV in the late 80s to try to figure out whether Big Bird was wearing socks, or did his legs just look like that? I remember asking my mom while she threw some clothes into the washing machine in the basement when "Bert and Ernie" was going to be on. I thought that's what Sesame Street was called when I was four. Who's surprised that I most related to the closet cases?

I remember feeling bad for Oscar the Grouch. I thought he was only in a bad mood because he had to live in a garbage can and I wondered why no one would let him come live in their house.

I remember being stressed out by the fact that the cookies the Cookie Monster ate all just broke up and fell out of his mouth. I worried about who was going to have to clean up that mess and about how food was being wasted even though there were people going hungry in the world.

I remember wondering if Sesame Street was close to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

As I interacted with you on social media, I learned that so many people have incredibly fun and vivid memories of Sesame Street from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. I would love to hear more!

Please take a listen to this week's Strangerville, and share a memory with the Strangerverse about your experience with the show.

~It Just Gets Stranger