Today I published an article on The Beehive called "Space Jesus." I decided I wanted to write a humor piece on Temple Square (and Salt Lake City in general) around Christmas. But when I set out to write it it just didn't come out as a humor piece, and instead came out as a reflection on what it feels/looks like to have a complicated relationship with religion (for whatever reason).

It's the most sincere and heartfelt thing I've written in a long time and it's really important to me. I'd love to have you go read it. You can find the article here. And I would really love to hear your thoughts on the topic, whether or not you feel you can relate specifically.

And in lighter news, Meg, Nick, and I spent an embarrassing amount of time compiling our top ten lists for the best movies from this decade. You can find our lists here. We also recorded an episode of Hive Mind where we talk through the list. Please check it out.

And I've been excited to share that with you because I very much want to hear what your favorite movie was from this decade. Meg and Nick both listed several movies I haven't seen so now I've got assignments. Add to my list? I have a lot of knitting to do this winter and I need my good friend, tv, to help me.

~It Just Gets Stranger