I've just sat down to write because it feels like it's time to write again. I don't really have any story in particular to relate or any funny antidote to tell. I don't have any specific spiritually uplifting moment that I have the stamina or time to detail in this blog tonight; it just feels like it's time to blog again. Maybe it's because I get some kind of therapeutic fulfillment every time I do- and somehow I've come to recognize that. It may also have something to do with the unexplainable rush I get each time I see a new comment posted from one of my few but faithful blog followers. Either way, I've just written a good sized paragraph with nothing really to say.

There really is some sort of fulfillment that we get just by being noticed. Whether or not I get comments on what I post, I'm going to feel just fine about myself. But recognition, even in the most inconsequential forms, does something to people. It makes you feel alive. I get that sensation each time I feel my phone vibrate, every time I see that I have several new emails (most of which turn out to be information on law schools or forwards from friends that promise me a miracle if I only send it out to at least twenty people), and I feel it every time I hear my name called out when I'm spotted by a friend.

If I'm not alone in enjoying these minor occurrences of recognition, then I have the opportunity every day to make the people around me feel good, simply by recognizing them, subtly reminding them that I do appreciate knowing them because the people I know just happen to be pretty fantastic. In this blog world these people include Jodi who I could sit with and talk to for hours without ever getting bored. Or Laura who I remember meeting at the old white institute building five years ago when she was there practising the piano one day and I've admired both her and her husband ever since. Or Heather Twistysocks who makes me want to be a better person every day just because I know her and see how good a person can be. Or Nancy who I could laugh with all day over one joke told over and over again. Or Alyssa who I think I'm able to relate to on so many levels, and yet still find myself wanting so many of the qualities she possesses. Or Krishelle who I communicate with just about every waking second of the day because I start to have panic attacks if I don't hear from her for about 10 minutes. Or my parents who I respect more than anyone that I've ever met and who I can wait to see every time I go home. Or Lynn who has a contagious optimism about her that still affects me although I haven't seen her for more than six months. Or Andrea who has been a consistently good friend to me for so long (and who brought me "Red, White, and Blaine"). Or Jacob who makes me feel like a million dollars because he laughs hysterically and sincerely at every joke I make. And there are so many more people I could note here but it's almost 2:00AM and I've got to go to bed.

I know some great people.