I should have gone to bed about 35 minutes ago but I just ate some cheesecake and I've been deep cleaning the house for an hour and a half and now I'm a bit wired.

President's Day was good. It's one of those bank holidays that mean I get the day off although the holiday is not exactly soaked in elaborate cultural tradition. I apologize formally to the presidents whom I did not celebrate or think much about today. It's not that I'm not grateful for good leaders, I just simply did not celebrate United States' presidents. If I was going to I would probably focus my efforts on presidents like Abraham Lincoln or GW himself but I get the sense that they really don't care much if people celebrate any days on their behalf.

No, I instead celebrated being able to see my family on a Monday, a day that I rarely get to see them. I guess you could say that in a way I did celebrate the sacrifices that great leaders have made which have enabled me to spend time with my family. Bit of a stretch but I make it work.

Saw the adorable nieces and nephew. Everytime I see them they get so much more amazingly cute . . . and full of energy. I guess a few weeks ago, four year old Kaylee asked Krisanda if they could have "girl talk." When Krisanda asked her what she wanted to talk about she said, "um, about people that are dead." Krisanda asked Kaylee who she knew who had died and Kaylee responded as if her mother had missed a major news flash, "Well that grandpa on tv that lives at the temple." So they talked about that grandpa that lives at the temple and Krisanda explained who prophets are and Kaylee said that she was happy that the prophet could go live with her brother Jesus now. And somehow the purity of these kids never really stops amazing me.

Sorry for the disconected thoughts tonight. It's almost 1:00AM and I've really got to go to bed. Love you all.