These kids are addicting. And so so funny. I knew their mother while they were growing up so I could have guessed they would be this way.

The other day I told Krisanda I would go over and watch the kids for a few hours. The following is our night:

4:30 Krisanda leaves after having just changed JJ's diaper (thank heavens) and I ask the kids if they're hungry. Kaylee wasn't home so I just had the two younger kids with me (Kamree 3, JJ 1). Kamree says that they're not hungry but then if a very sincere voice in a tone usually only reserved for breaking bad news, she says "But JJ wants a posticle." I told her that I would only get one for JJ then. She scrunched up her face like she was reconsidering it and then said "actually, I want a posticle too."

4:45 Instead of "posticles" I cook up a frozen pizza (real healthy) to feed the kids for dinner. I eat most of it (I was starving!). Partway through dinner, Kamree puts down her fork and says to JJ in a baby voice "Eat your pistaJJ, huh Nueli?" She then plants a sloppy kiss on his cheek.

5:00 I ask the kids if they want to read books. Kamree and JJ run and get "The Prince and the Popper" and some Halloween costume book, respectively.

5:00-5:45 We read the books, making up for the gaps in the story forced by every 3rd page which had been scribbled on or torn clean out. In the Halloween book, Kamree says over and over in her most terrified voice "I scared Nueli!"

5:45-6:15 I try to figure out how on earth to use the DVD player (not the first time), while Kamree and JJ play some game that didn't seem to have any logical rules and involved a LOT of screaming.

6:15-8:00 We watch some animated film about superheros with both kids laying uncomfortably on top of me the whole time. Also, Kamree keeps telling me as I was nodding off, "Don't fall sleep K Nueli? I scared."

8:00-8:20 I tell Kamree to go potty (because of tragic flashbacks from last time. You can read about it under the post "funny kids"). I then realized that I have no idea how this kid usually goes potty, where, what she needs, how long it takes, etc. So I stand at the door while she sits on the toilet, holding on with both hands saying over and over "I not fall in k Nueli?" After about 15 minutes had gone by, I ask Kamree if she has gone potty yet. She responds, "I not need go potty in bed cause I wear a biaper k Nueli?" I wasn't sure that that answered my question at all but a few minutes later I heard tinkling which finally meant success. Last time I was there that kid had no problem letting it all out on the couch.

8:20-8:45 Kamree and JJ get their toy cars out and run them all over the house.

8:45 I notice that Kamree had pulled the vent out of the floor. I put it back and tell her not to ever touch that again.

8:46 Kaylee comes home and tells me she has just had such a long day. While Kamree and JJ make a bed for themselves on the floor (2nd picture).

8:47 I ask Kamree what happened to the cars they were playing with. Kamree responds "They in the hole Nueli."

8:48-8:55 I stick my hand down the vent as far as I can to retrieve the cars that Kamree had hidden down there.

8:55 Krishelle shows up to say hi and help me get the kids ready for bed.

8:55-9:00 The girls choose their own pjs and climb into bed only after I promise to read them a story. Kaylee makes me promise to read whatever book she gives me, front to back "without skipping pages." I oblige. Kaylee hands me a 200 page book of Christmas stories.

9:00-9:20 I tell the girls VERY condensed versions of the Christmas stories in this book.

9:20 Jeff comes home so I leave the room, turning the lamp off on my way out. Apparently that was a bad idea because Kamree has told everyone ever since in a very whimper-driven voice that "Nueli turned the light off."

Well Nueli is going to cut it off here. He's doped up on Lortab right now due to a fun problem with one of his molars. Love you all.