The trusts final was on Friday. Naturally in the usual law school fit of academic bulimia, I binged on trust doctrine for two and a half days and then subsequently purged for two and a half hours. Another one out of the way.

The rest of the weekend has been consumed with preparations for the next final which is on Monday. Professional Responsibility. Working on becoming ethical one rule at a time. 10,000 rules that essentially all say the same thing ("never tell a lie") in 10,000 different ways pollute a 200 page rule book that every law student across the country gets tested and then ranked on in their various law schools. The more ways you understand that you're not supposed to lie, the higher your class ranking.

Here's to looking forward for this to end. Not law school. Just 2L. It had a good run, but it's got to end. The longer we stay crammed in that building for 36 hours a day, the more we each become increasingly self-absorbed and grumpy. Many are at wits end. Not to mention, Library Body Syndrome (LBS) has taken its toll on us all. It's not pretty.

~It Just Gets Stranger