I am one final in and on the eve of final two. My brain is totally fried and I'm almost past feeling. So business as usual. Beyond the usual stresses of finals, the last couple of weeks have not been a walk in the park, full of some nasty politicking and a few depressing letdowns. This, of course, has all been just an expected climax of hands-down the roughest, most emotionally exhausting academic year of my life. More on the end of year thoughts later . . .

But for now, the focus is on finals. My study group and I have been crammed in tiny rooms for roughly 18 hours a day for a couple of weeks now, first frantically trying to wrap our heads around several constitutional amendments for our Criminal Procedure exam on Tuesday, and since then, Trusts.

On Sunday, in anticipation of what I knew was going to be another one of "those" weeks, I thought I should take a couple Ambien to make sure to sleep well at least one night. I sure did. And thanks to my new "climb into bed immediately after taking Ambien" rule, I thought I had gotten through the experience without doing anything too embarrassing. Wrong. On Monday afternoon I received a text message from my friend Jenna, prompting me to check out my outgoing texts from the night before. I then found the following two outgoing texts (which I absolutely have NO recollection of sending):

Text number 1: 10:24 PM "Wonderful. If I wasn't doped up on two ambien ruiht now I would join you. Crim pro rhymes with ho don't you know. I cably read this rugth now."

Text number 2: 10:29 PM "I want to start a busunraza teaching yoga to yoda so he can take a chilln pull ASAP. That nope knows what it means mpattly geese goose."

I then promptly scanned my call record to make sure there were no phone calls made as well, (like, say, to my professors or anyone else I absolutely should NOT be calling after taking Ambien late at night).

I happened to notice an incoming phone call from the week before from a friend that I don't remember talking to for several months. The phone call had connected for several minutes. After tracking this friend down, I was told that we had had a nice conversation the week before. One in which I babbled about tennis and South American politics (both topics I have no business discussing even on my most alert days) for a while before hanging up and climbing into bed.

Well I'll cut it off here. Trusts isn't learning itself (hopefully I studied a whole bunch last time I took Ambien).

~It Just Gets Stranger