I really don't have time for this right now but if I let time keep passing without posting something, I'm going to have a nervous breakdown.

My moot court partner Jenna and I just returned from a competition in Boston that we have been preparing for since December. It was an incredible experience and we prepared well. We don't have our final scores yet but we ended up in the top eight teams (out of about 40). Other than competing for a few long days in front of some aggressive liberal judges, we ate every piece of sea-food known to man and said the same six phrases in horrible Bostonian accents on cue every two minutes for four days (of course laughing every time like it was the first).

While I was in Boston my baby sister ejected a child from her body (her first). The labor was long and really hard but she came through like a champ resulting in a darn cute little baby girl. Said sister has been in a lot of pain with kidney stones and gall stones for several months. Additionally, she started having contractions about four years before she even knew she was pregnant so she had had it by the time the baby finally came. Now that that's all settled, I'm trying to talk her into passing all of her various stones so she can make a necklace out of them. She hasn't agreed to that yet. By the way, special shout out to her super human abilities: apart from dealing with everything I just mentioned, she took and passed her boards mere days before the baby finally came in order to be a certified registered nurse (a test that I understand isn't easy). Now that we know she has it in her to successfully deal with so many terrible things at once, we're going to start expecting a lot more from her.

In other news, I finally got my job situation figured out. After resorting to house hunting options in Hawaii and checking for the best deals on flights to Eastern Europe where I planned to go work my way through the summer doing odd jobs for strangers, a pretty cool opportunity with the Attorney General appellate office in Salt Lake fell upon me. It was a rough four days in which I had to make a decision but I accepted it and I'm really looking forward to the work. I had hoped to go somewhere exotic, mostly to work on my "get a full body massage in every country of the world" goal, but I'm very grateful to have a good job and a future full of some interesting experiences.

Now I'm frantically trying to cram thousands of pages of knowledge into my head before finals start in less than two weeks. (How is it time again already???). At least this time I have TWO hands to combat the beast.

~It Just Gets Stranger