I've had sleeping problems for several years. Surprisingly law school has seemed to make it worse. Fortunately I have found that if I block out every bit of light, sound, and memories, and choose a night when I'm already really tired and don't have anything going on the next day, I can get myself to fall asleep sometime near the witching hour. Unfortunately, those stars rarely seem to align. Thank heavens for sleeping medicine. I think.

I recently started trying new things to deal with my Insomnia, which has been great for my "get to the end of 'Crime and Punishment' by 2025" goal. In fact, three nights ago I pulled the book out at 2:00AM and read four whole pages. I'm now a little over half-way done. Who knew when I picked up that little piece of heaven five years ago that I would ever make it this far. (By the way, for those of you who were wondering, I'm on the part where Raskolnikolinolifof is talking to Raskolnofitofikofinonof about his friend Sonya Rolinoloninof and her friend Rockstockitockitof and their relation to Rimolinolitof; it's getting pretty juicy).

Back to the drugs: I've gotten my hands on several kinds of medications, herbs, and various other therapeutic witch-doctor remedies that my drug-loving-family-members and hippie-save-the-planet friends could convince me to take and the only thing that seems to have an affect on me is Ambien. Oh blessed Ambien. Last month I took one and woke up the next morning only to find I had inadvertently done my taxes (good think I'm not a huge audit risk as I only made 12 cents last year). Last week after taking an Ambien, I ate half a bag of ginger-snap pees while doing Yoga stretches and telling my roommates that their faces were fuzzy. While that experience wasn't quite as productive as filing my taxes was, it did make for a few good stories (which is what my family lives for).

Mostly I'm writing this post as an desperate plea for help. Is there anyone out there who has overcome Insomnia through means other than drugs that can share their wisdom with me? I would prefer to never take a sleeping pill again but I've got to get my sleep as I'm starting to really age (I look well over 21 now).

~It Just Gets Stranger