Temple at night
Bre, Me, and Mark in front of the L'viv branch house. This was built after the three of us served in L'viv five or six years ago. Notice that I am holding my First Amendment Law book, as I frantically tried to stay caught up in school all week although I was living on trains and totally exhausted.

My good friend Roman and I reconnecting
Public Trambai--this is how I spent 2 years of my life
Natasha--this girl and her mother joined the church while I was in Rivne six years ago. She was 12 at the time.
Patron housing next to the temple
Temple at night
Church on the temple grounds
Temple at night
"Big Mama"--this was my travel group's favorite thing to see last year in Kyiv. She's larger than the Statue of Liberty. And scarier . . .
"Kyiv Ukrainian Temple"
"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints"
My friend Brea and I in front of the temple
Orthodox church in Kyiv
Brea and I on "High Castle" hill in L'viv
Old church in L'viv. The statue on top is Christ sitting at the base of the cross with his hand under his chin, thinking.
Very famous opera house in center square in L'viv
L'viv street
Natasha on the left and Yanna on the right. Yanna is the little girl I mentioned in my last post. Yanna and Natasha were baptized on the same day.
Yanna "Talmage" and I
Kyiv temple

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