Happy Friday, dear strangers. I hope you survive the ending of the world. Merry Christmas from Palau.

Tree discovered on a Saturday drive.

Typhoon clean-up in a small village.

Morning view from my apartment.

Sun rise, from my apartment.

In the tropics, you have to get a little creative with your Christmas tree.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

I am so happy these websites exist. Thanks, Ann Marie.

People living near Chernobyl today. I miss Ukraine. Even the Chernobyly parts.

Musicians surprise Salvation Army bell ringers. Thanks, Val.

The customer reviews for this banana slicer on Amazon just keep giving. The Queen of Colors left a review a few months ago, if you care to dig back that far.

And last but not least, Paul Simon on Sesame Street. I have watched this video 200,000 times.

~It Just Gets Stranger