You seemed bored, so I thought I would post some more Yahoo! Answers questions for you. But before I get to that, I thought I would share a couple of pictures from a Ragnar team who ran recently with some custom made zebra print Snuggies, embroidered with a classy "3+3=furrrever" (there were apparently 6 of them total). Thanks Kelly, Megan, and others.

Question 1: Are cat feces REALLY good for your skin?I've always been told all of those stories about how good cat feces are for your skin but I've been applying them twice a day for 2 months and have seen no difference. I'm starting to wonder why I even got these cats in the first place. Am I doing this wrong? PLEASE don't tell me I have to ingest them again like I did for that detox treatment.

1. Are you kidding me?! I can not believe that someone told you to smear cat poop on your skin and you believed them. I hope you're just joking. Putting cat poop on your skin is not only spreading bacteria all over yourself but also puts you at risk for getting a zoonotic parasite infection. Stop with the cat poop and buy some cetaphil. ~Bethany

2. Why would ingest cat feces?! You need to see a doctor. And not just the kind for your body! ~Andi

3. I think you have to soak in them over night for the treatment to really work. ~Grey

Question 2: Is there any way I can get my cat in to see Santa? The mall near my house FREAKS OUT every time I bring my cat, Trixy, to play in the fountain. They have told me I'm not allowed to bring her at all anymore. But I know if I could get her passed security, Santa would like to see her because he isn't prejudiced. Is there some way I can safely hide her or disguise her to get her through the line?

1. Some pet stores have a Santa on certain days. ~Jack

2. Dress him up as a young child and put him in a stroller. Make sure he has shoes and gloves on so nobody sees his paws and if anyone asks about the tail give them a disgusted look and act like its a rare disease. ~Alex

3. "The mall near my house FREAKS OUT every time I bring my cat." That must be one ugly cat... ~Ninja Bear

4. Dress him up as a reindeer, so then they'll personally escort him to Santa! ~Magic

Question 3: Is using the microwave to warm up my cat bad for the microwave? My cat, Trixy, has been really cold lately with the winter and all, and I read that the fastest way to warm something up is to put it in the microwave for a few seconds. But I don’t want to do this if it will damage the microwave.

1. Please don't put your cat in the microwave! The rays are incredibly harmful and she could get cancer. I really hope you think about this I really hope you do. you should be ashamed that you care more about the microwave than a creature of god. ~Mandy

2. Just don't make the mistake of using the oven. We're STILL paying for that one. ~Jacob

3. I hope your cat puts YOU in the microwave and see how you like it you shouldnt even have cats you dont deserve there company!!!!!!! ~Portia

Question 4: How old should my cats be before I kick them out? A few years ago several of my cats gave birth to a bunch of kittens all around the same time. Now I've got 30-35 of the younger cats in the house and with the original 30 or so cats it has just started to feel like way too many. The kittens are about 3 years old now. Is this too young to kick them out of the house? I don't want to do it if they aren't going to survive for very long.

1. They're old enough to live on their own. I've seen cats survive at little over a year. If they don't want to get out at least make them get a job! ~Stephen

2. Take them to people who want cats! ~Benjamin

3. Take them to the humane society. Simply kicking them out is cruel. When you take the first batch to the humane society, explain what your situation is and ask for help with the rest. ~Terri

4. Since you failed to neuter/spay - I would start taking them (2-3 at a time) to various local shelters and never own another pet. ~Ocimom

Question 5: When should I stop breast-feeding my kittens? My kittens are now 1 year old and I'm just wondering if I can finally stop breast-feeding them. I feel so selfish saying so, but it's just so intrusive and I hardly have time for my own baby. I wish their mother was still around so she could just handle this.

1. Now I understand why an argument between two women is called a "Cat" fight. You should have stopped when they were 6 weeks old. That is when their mother would have stopped nursing them. ~Ranger

2. When they start biting you , duh. ~Oum

3. You're probably a troll, but human milk doesn't provide the nutrients a kitten needs..considering we're different breeds from them. ~Music

4. You are so selfish! I bet you wouldn't even throw your own baby in front of a car for those kittens! ~Jackson

~It Just Gets Stranger