Happy Monday, dear strangers. Last week I posted The Worst Things Ever list for 2013. And I decided that maybe this year I would start an annual Best Things Ever list so you will all stop imagining me as an old crabby man yelling at the neighborhood kids to get off his lawn.

Guys, I don't even have a lawn. I live in an apartment in Palau.

And before you start typing up another scathing email to me about TMZ, let me tell you: I have every intention of explaining myself this week. Wednesday, probably. Maybe Thursday. But it's coming. I swear on The First Eye. Double scout's honor. Try not to get your expectations too high in the meantime because, hello, what if it turns out to not even be funny?

But since we're all friends now, I know that even if it does turn out to be kind of lame, you'll all fake laugh super hard so that everyone else thinks it's funny. Because that's what friends do. Every time you leave a comment that is supposed to be funny, I always laugh way harder than I should and yell at the computer "That's SO true!!! That's SO SO true!!!" I do that so that everyone else who reads the blog will think that you are way more funny than you are.

You're welcome. All I ask is that you do the same in return.

And now, for the list. PLEASE leave your additions in the comments.

The Best Things Ever, 2013:

1. Cold feet in warm socks that come straight from the drier

2. When you're eating cookies & cream ice cream and you discover an entire Oreo in the middle of it

3. When someone speeds past you aggressively and then gets pulled over

4. Snuggies

5. Cartoons from the '80s and early '90s

6. Waking up and finding out your alarm doesn't go off for 3 more hours

7. Paul Simon

8. Getting a hand-written letter in the mail

9. Falling asleep at the beginning of a flight and waking up when you land

10. Nieces and nephews

11. Going to dinner with a friend where neither of you touch your phones for the whole evening

12. Inside jokes

13. Finishing something that was really difficult to do

14. Finding out that there are 8 seasons of a really great tv show that you just discovered

15. The feeling after a long and hard workout

16. When an animal takes a liking to you even when you pretend not to like animals

17. When you overhear somebody saying something nice about you

18. Walking into your house after forgetting that you very thoroughly cleaned it earlier that day

19. Living in an era where Trixy Meowman can have an email account

20. The feeling of accomplishment from taking a multi-vitamin

21. When someone else posts a picture of you on Facebook that you know you look good in

22. Crying because you're happy

23. Getting a new haircut that you really like

24. Running into someone you really like at the grocery store

25. Finding out someone you care about is making good choices

26. When people I've never met read this blog

~It Just Gets Stranger