It's already time to make our Worst Things Ever list for 2013. I have thought very hard about this list and made sure to only include truly the most awful things. There is something so vindicating about posting publicly for the world to see a list of the things that are seriously the worst. So I invite you to add in the comments the things you think should be part of the list.

The Worst Things Ever, 2013

1. Glee

2. Sweaty armpits when you don't even feel hot

3. When your socks get wet and you have to wait a while to change them

4. Animals

5. T-Mobile

6. United Airlines

7. Gold's Gym

8. When people say "supposably" instead of "supposedly"

9. Folding laundry

10. Bulgaria

11. Cutting a birthday cake while all of your coworkers stand around and watch

12. Swallowing salt water

13. Up-chucking salt water

14. Job searching

15. Stray dogs

16. Automated systems

17. When your head is itchy and you don't know why

18. When your favorite shirt shrinks in the drier

19. Not being able to find the end on a roll of packing tape

20. Driving in the snow

21. Doing anything at all in the snow

22. The smell of cigarette smoke

23. The sound of a baby's cry

24. Political posts on Facebook

25. Jersey Shore

~It Just Gets Stranger