Hi Strangers. Today I have a new set of Yahoo Answers for your reading pleasure. It seems like only yesterday I posted that first question about how to alter a Snuggie to make it more fashionable. Sometimes I can't believe how much time I spend on this crap.

Question 1: How can I dye my cat without making a huge mess?My cat is a natural ginger, so obviously I have to dye her a different color. The problem is, every time I do she freaks out and makes a mess all over the house. I don't want to have to give her away. Is there anything I can do?

 1. Report yourself to the SPCA for animal cruelty! ~Elizabeth

 2. DO NOT DYE YOUR CAT!!! Aside from the experience traumatizing her ("every time" you do "she FREAKS OUT"---does that not tell you that it UPSETS her?!) It is also toxic. Her skin not only absorbs the dye but she also ingests it from licking herself. This is animal cruelty & you ARE breaking the law. You should not have her or any pet at this time. This demonstrates great immaturity & insensitivity. You are causing her great mental stress & physical suffering. Please, please stop. Please find her a safe home where she won't be forced to endure this any more. ~T

3. I totally understand your issue here, i too had this same problem. Eloise was also a ginger, but i couldn't get rid of my favorite girl. She looks great now with a mocha base with golden highlights. Let me tell you, the highlights were the worst. She just has no patience what so ever. What i did was shut ourselves in the bathroom so if she got away she only got the bathroom messy. :) I have one of those showers with the sliding doors, made everything so much easier when i sat down with her on the shower floor and started on her hair. she looks super beautiful! good luck on your adventure. ~Lei

4. As a natural ginger myself, I can understand why she would freak out. You're trying to mess with perfection, and as such, your cat will retaliate...either by biting off your pinky toes in middle of the night, or by some other, equally messed up way. So really, since you've already tried dying her...there's only one thing you can do: Run, run for you life. She will look for you, she will find you, and she will kill you. ~A

5. Obviously you need to find a new home for this cat and get yourself a stuffed animal in the color of your choice. ~Reena

Question 2: Can I sue Lady Gaga for stealing my music? I just wrote a song and it took me like 2 hours and when I got done I realized that it sounded like Lady Gaga's Poker Face song (mine is called Joker Race). Can I sue her for taking my ideas?

1. hahahahahaha . . . . . . HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ~runner1

2. I'm terribly sorry but hers came first and your song isn't on the market either. ~Tara

3. How could she possibly have "taken" your idea if hers was first? You would have the burden of proving that it WAS your idea and that it had been misappropriated from someone who had access to your secret ideas. You would also have to prove that this misappropriation and misuse caused you actual damages. ~bcnu

Question 3: How do you know when it's time to put your cat down? I've had my cat, Trixy, for about 3 years. She's getting to be a lot of responsibility because I have to find someone to keep an eye on her when I go out of town. At what point is the burden big enough to justify putting her down?

1. If your cat is not sick then to have her Euthanized is definitely not necessary. A cat can live for up to and exceeding 12 years old (generally inside cats) if you cannot accept the responsibility of an animal (they are just like having children) then you can always take her to your local humane society and they can re-home her. ~nmb

2. what putting a animal to sleep should not be because you need to have some body wacht her whall you are gone you wouldnt kill you kid for haveing to have a baby sitter putting an animal to sleep should only be done if the animal is in savaer pain s and isnt going to live a quailty life give that poor cat to some one that can take care of her ~Morgan

3. This is disgusting to me. How would you feel if someone had a small child and couldnt handle taking care of him/her anymore so they killed it. That's a horrable thing. Unless your cat is in utter pain and can hardly hold on to her final strands of live you don't need to put her down. Send her to a home that actually will love and care for her. Responsibility and all. And next time you decide to consider taking the responsibility for another life, cat, dog, or human, really think about how your going to sustain it. Because that question shows how irresponsible you really are. ~Christina

4. you are one sorry excuse of a cat owner! you dont put a cat down for being out of town!! take him to the shelter and rehome him or give him away. ~Erika

5. What??? So you don't want her anymore so you want to kill her.... OMG why not just bring her to the shelter or rehome her DUH... The only good reason to euthanize an animal is if they are sick and suffering. I hope you never ever get another pet again as obviously you are not responsible enough SHAME ON YOU. ~LOTRfan

Question 4: What is the best self-defense against cat attacks? My cat Trixy has become more and more abusive against me and I'm starting to not feel safe in my own home. I saw the J-Lo movie "Enough" recently and I think I might start training but I don't even know where to start.

1. Lol. I'm not sure if you're just playin around or if this is really funny. If your serious: Try to protect your face with your arms. If you can, try to kick/push the cat away if it's really scratching and biting you bad. If you have to.. hit it as hard as you can to get it off (only in extreme scenarios). If it's about to attack you, stick up your arms above your head, stand on your tippy toes and start jumping towards it making loud noises. Hopefully this will scare the cat away. ~Bobby

2. Lol you should take her back to the pet shop if she is really mean my cats are both the sweetest things in the world but I would not hit the cat or abuse the cat because it would make things so much worse. Make scary noises and do not hurt the cat once again! Hoped I helped a bunch! ~Morgan

3. Some cats are ferrel cats. That means they are wild and want to live out in the open only. I did have a cat like you described and no one was safe. I have to say, he was quite a character. A lot of animals do settle down after getting fixed. Some cats and dogs won't settle right away but usually, most animals "mature" at around four years old. Good luck. ~dja

4. Your cat thinks you're a wimp. Learn how to fight back. I don't mean hit her or anything but show some confidence around your cat or it will think you're it's b#&$h all it's life ~Steve

Question 5: Is my cat going to be ok? I was dancing with my cat Trixy on the roof of my building (10 stories high) and we were doing one of those moves where I flip her over my back and she got carried away and fell off the building. Then 2 trucks ran over her. I started driving her to the ER but she fell out of my car on the way because the door came open. I have her soaking in a scalding hot bath now. Could she recover from this?

1. What the. ~Tom

2. You need to be more careful. I'm so sorry but Trixy is not going to live after all of that. The fall alone probably killed her.  ~Jani

3. Yes. She'll be fine. Don't let her use this as an excuse to get out of work. Cats are known for that kind of behavior.  ~Joel

4. I bet she fell off the roof! More like you put her down because you don't like the responsibility when you go on vacation!  ~Christina
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