Daniel is basically the supreme educator of Palau right now. Between the classes he teaches at the community college, at church, and with the additional tutoring he does with some students in Palau that need a little extra help, he's been very busy in the education department lately.

I try to be Daniel's surrogate parent whenever possible because yes he's technically a grown-up but not one who can keep himself alive without some monitoring. *See everything I told you about him thinking it's ok to eat eggs that have been left out. Granted, I require monitoring myself, but fortunately it is in completely different areas than those in which Daniel needs extra help.

As a result of my parenting duties, I often take every opportunity I can to have condescending teaching moments with Daniel. These usually backfire, because he's too sarcastic and quick-witted for his own good. Today I give you one example.

Yesterday's Conversation with Daniel in the Car
Daniel: Tutoring actually went really well today. Lots of breakthroughs.

Eli: Yeah? What do you mean?

Daniel: Well the kid learned a lot. And I learned a lot too.

Eli: That's very good Daniel. Because usually the teacher ends up learning more than the student. You should be very proud of what you are accomplishing.

Daniel: Yeah. I learned like 10 times more than he did today. I'm kicking his trash.

Eli: . . . well I don't think it should be a competition.

Daniel: Good thing for him that it's not, because I'm destroying him at learning.

Eli: I want you to take a minute and think about what you just said. [Pause]. Now, do you think that that sort of attitude is conducive to a positive learning environment?

Daniel: Obviously, yes. Because I've been learning a lot in that environment.

Eli: Really? What have you learned?

Daniel: I've learned JUST HOW GOOD OF A TEACHER I AM!!!

Eli: That's it? That's all you've learned?

Daniel: What else should I be learning? I already know everything else.

Eli: You do NOT know everything!

Daniel: Oh really? Quiz me. Any topic.

Eli: How many gallons of water are there in the Pacific Ocean?

Daniel: Twice up the barrel, once down the side.

Eli: Damn. Lucky guess.

~It Just Gets Stranger