Apparently Daniel has started getting up early in the mornings to go for runs. I didn't know about this until the other day when I was eating breakfast, thinking he was still in bed in his bedroom.  To my surprise, he then came plummeting through the front door. Sure that we were being robbed, I immediately screamed and threw a plastic bowl in his direction.

I have a mild to moderate form of On Edge Syndrome sometimes. Once my old roommate Matt came into our apartment without me hearing. I was carrying a bunch of folded towels into my bedroom when he rounded the corner and said hello. I threw the towels at him and fell to the ground, crippled in fear. I couldn't even get my legs to work well enough to run. Then we laughed for the rest of the day.

And I'm sure we all remember this from my last birthday when the Annas hung a manikin head from my bedroom ceiling and then waited for me to come home:

Anyway, this morning Daniel forgot to take a key with him when he left for his run and as a result he was locked out of the apartment when he got home. Instead of ringing the doorbell like a normal person, he went to an open window and started meowing like a cat to try to get me to get up and let him in. I stayed in bed listening to this, wondering who is this person I live with. Then I decided it would be fun to see how long he would keep meowing before just knocking on the door.

12 minutes.

~It Just Gets Stranger