On Friday I had a conversation with Daniel about deviled eggs.

A Conversation with Daniel about Deviled Eggs
Eli: Um . . . why are there . . . [counting] . . . SIXTY deviled eggs in the refrigerator!?

Daniel: For an afternoon snack.

Eli: For whom?! Are we hosting a town hall meeting here?

Daniel: Just for us. I thought you liked deviled eggs?

Eli: SIXTY?! Why did you make SIXTY deviled eggs?!

Daniel: Well, it was sort of an accident.

Eli: How can someone accidentally make sixty deviled eggs? This isn't like tripping or snagging your sweater. Making deviled eggs sort of takes a conscious effort.

Daniel: I know, but see, I meant to only make thirty so I boiled thirty eggs and I forgot that I would cut each in half and effectively double the amount of deviled eggs.


Daniel: Thirty deviled eggs for two people wouldn't have been a lot. I agree that sixty is too much. But if I had only made thirty, that would have been only 15 each.

Eli: In what world is 15 eggs each an appropriate amount of afternoon snacking?!

Daniel: Look how small they are! That is not a lot of food!

Eli: Have you never heard of cholesterol?!

Daniel: Yes! That's why I did it!

Eli: . . . I don't think you understand how cholesterol works.

Daniel: I do too. Isn't that the one that makes your bones really strong?

Eli: No that is not the one that makes your bones really strong! That's calcium!

Daniel: Oh. Same thing.

Eli: Not the same thing at all actually!

Daniel: Relax. Cholesterol never killed anyone.

Eli: Actually it did. It killed a lot of people.

Daniel: Well I'm sorry that I'm not an expert on nutrition!

Eli: I'm guessing you're going to put this conversation on Stranger?

Daniel: Yup.

Eli: You're going to switch the names so it looks like I'm the one who made sixty deviled eggs and didn't know what cholesterol was, aren't you?

Daniel: Yup.

Eli: But I'll definitely switch the names back around at the end of the post.

Daniel: Why?

Eli: Because I want credit for the joke at the end.

Daniel: What joke at the end?

Eli: Why can't you tease egg whites?

Daniel: No.

Eli: Because they can't take a yolk!!! GET IT?!?!? YOLK!?!?!

Daniel: You do know that saying "get it" and repeating the punch line after every joke doesn't make it any funnier?

~It Just Gets Stranger