On Monday I told you about the horribly awkward conversation I suddenly found myself in with the teenage boys at church on Sunday. Last night I saw the boys again. You know how they always say you should never feed a stray dog because it will keep coming back for more? THAT.

Note: Boy 1 in this conversation is the most pure and adorable child I have ever seen (and he looks like he's about 10 years old).

Part II of a Conversation with Teenage Boys about Chastity:

Boy 1: Brother Eli, I have to tell you what happened on Sunday RIGHT after church.

Eli: Yeah? What happened?

Boy 2: He broke the chastity all day.

Eli: WHAT?!

Boy 1: [nodding] And boy 2 tried to stop me because I'm only barely 14 and the girl is 17.

Eli: I . . . uh . . . would you like . . . to talk about it?

Boy 1: We went to a girl's house and then everybody is falling asleep but me and her. And that's when we started . . . [raising eyebrows, looking around, and whispering] DOING IT.


Boy 2: I knew what they were doing so I yelled at her that he is only 14 and what is she doing because she is 17!

Boy 1: But we were doing it for a while before anyone tried to stop us. It was my first time in my whole life doing it. And brother Eli? I kind of liked it.

Eli: Uh . . . so when you say "doing it," what do you mean?

Boy 1: Like, the kissing stuff. We kissed on the lips three times for one second.

Eli: OhthankthegoodLord.

Boy 1: But my guilt temptated me so I decided we shouldn't kiss anymore.

Eli: Ok. It's good to set boundaries for yourself . . . and . . . [a string of other things Bob and Cathie have said].

Boy 1: Then I went back the next day to tell her about chastity like we talked at church and I told her all the words like fornication and whore and the other words I saw when I looked up chastity in the Bible.

Eli: Wait. What? What did you tell her?

Boy 1: I told her that there's chastity and I don't want to be fornication and whore and intercourse and pornomography.

Eli: I honestly can't decide right now whether or not I'm doing a good job here . . .

Boy 1: It will be so hard though. Because my soul wants love and the chastity but it can't be both.

Eli: Preach, brother.

~It Just Gets Stranger