Happy weekend, Strangers. Glad to see you've survived it. I walked to work this morning and it was 12 degrees. TWELVE. TWELVE, GUYS. TWELVE DEGREES.


Do you know what temperature it was in Palau exactly one year ago? One hundred million thousand eleventy degrees with 645% humidity.

I really need to find some middle ground here.

And now, your pictures and distractions:

The Mormons know how to make it feel like Christmas. I can't believe this is right next to my house.

The Mormon temple from another side.

More of the Mormon Christmas festivities. 

Mixed fruit drenched in pumpkin spice eggnog. This is the new best thing that I've ever done.

Warm enough to bike with Paul Cyclemon on the last day of November in what is quickly becoming a not so pretty canyon. Curse you winter!

Text exchange with Daniel on Thanksgiving. Note: I have never visited Albuquerque. 

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

It's time to bring you some Jan Terri "Excuse My Christmas" again! "What do you thiiiiiiink?!" Thanks, Jan.

A Complete Curmudgeon's Guide to "The Sound of Music." Thanks, Francie.

Carol of the Bells sung in meows. Thanks, Lisa.

I cannot believe how much time I just wasted on this. Find the invisible cow. Thanks, Brian.

Amazing Macro-Photography of Individual Snowflakes. Thanks, Jeff.

Responses to wrong number texts (some bad language). Thanks, Jennifer.

Well I'm glad SOMEONE finally took the time to write this book. Thanks, Becca.

Inventions that drive us crazy. Except for the last one. Thanks, Cambry.

British people label the United States. Thanks, Justine.

These GIFs just about made me fall out of my chair. Thanks, Steve.

~It Just Gets Stranger