Sometime Last Week
Jolyn: I need to be out of my place soon. Can I come stay with you for one night while I'm in transition?
Eli: I feel like this is a trap.
Jolyn: Kthanks! I'll be over in a minute!
A Terrifying Minute Later
Jolyn: Moving all my stuff in is HARD WORK.
Eli: WHY are you moving all of your stuff in?
Jolyn: Can you believe we finally LIVE TOGETHER?!
Eli: Now when you say "live together," do you mean--
Jolyn: Going to bed! Goodnight!
Day One
Jolyn: It's so convenient that Rebecca left all of her stuff here for me to use!
Eli: How do I keep ending up in this situation?
Day Two
Jolyn: Do you think this painting goes well on this wall?
Eli: Why are you hanging your things on the wall?
Jolyn: Oh. To cover up the damage.
Eli: What dam--
Day Three
[More of the same]
Day Four
[More of the same]
Day Five

~It Just Gets Stranger