Sunday morning.

Eli: Where are you going?

Jolyn: Who? Me?

Eli: Yes. You. The only person here with me.

Jolyn: Oh. I'm just heading out for a minute.

Eli: I see. And why do you have the suitcase?

Jolyn: Oh this old thing? I take this with me EVERYWHERE I go. Everywhere.

Eli: Really? And the various bags full of clothing?

Jolyn: These too. I'm bringing them with me. In case it rains.

Eli: In case it rains?

Jolyn: Or snows. Or gets windy. Or sunny. Or any old thing at all.

Eli: And your guitar?

Jolyn: Oh. I might play music later.

Eli: Jolyn, are you leaving me?

Jolyn: LEAVING YOU!? How dare you?! How could you assume I would do something like that?! What kind of a monster do you think I am?!

Eli: Sorry. It just seems like you're taking all of your stuff with you and so I thought maybe you were leaving for good.

Jolyn: Oh. Actually, then, yes. Maybe I am leaving you.

Eli: But why? Didn't I make you happy here?

Jolyn: Eli. I told you all along. I was just staying for the night.

Eli: Right. But you told me that on your first night here. Several weeks ago. I just sort of thought you had finally settled in for good.

Jolyn: I never settle in anywhere for good. And don't you forget it.

Eli: Well. If you are leaving me, I should probably tell you that I was lucky to have you for as long as I did.

Jolyn: And if I am leaving you, I should probably tell you that the pleasure was all mine.

Eli: Where will you go now?

Jolyn: We'll see.

Eli: You don't know?

Jolyn: Do I need to know?

Eli: Well do you have a place to stay tonight?

Jolyn: Here and there.

Eli: You don't have to be homeless. You always have a place here.

Jolyn: Oh, Eli. Jolyn Metro is never homeless. I have a thousand homes. And this has been a great one.

And just like that, she was gone.

~It Just Gets Stranger