Jolyn returned to the United States of God Bless America and a few days ago I FINALLY got to see her.

Jolyn: Eli Whittle McCann. WHY have you insisted on sharing pictures of Tami on Stranger?

Eli: Because she's pretty!

Jolyn: People should be able to sue you over this. I'm not kidding. SUE you.

Eli: Shhhhh! She can hear you!

Jolyn: And she always pops up when we least expect her. If you insist on showing Tami pictures, AT LEAST include a warning.

So . . . WARNING: This post contains Tami pictures.

And now, for the five of you who are still here, your Pictures and Distractions: (Please feel free to follow me on Instagram where I do NOT share very many pictures of Tami. Or join us on Facebook. Or just go back to your cats wearing clothes website you were looking at before this one.)

We're making progress. She was willing to BE in a picture with me. That's progress. Right?

My sticky note system in the office is getting out of control.

This is when Tami had a mullet. DON'T TELL HER I POSTED THIS.

And I recently found this rare photo of a bad incident Tami experienced in the 80's when a chicken got caught in her hair.

Rebecca continues to destroy my home.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:
The suitsy! Thanks, Amy.
Mr. Bean inserted into historical portraits. Thanks, Francie.
The worst cat. Thanks, Maria.
Kids are freaking weird. Thanks, Magan.
Find the invisible cow. Thanks, Rachel.
Photos that will please you more than they should. Thanks, Laureen.
90s songs we all secretly love. Thanks, Krishelle.
Parents who are having a worse day than you. Thanks, Jacob.
Legit-looking notes from children. Thanks, Matt.
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~It Just Gets Stranger