Last night I was talking about Fabio, as we all do a few times a week, and I asked my friend Skylar,

Eli: How old do you think Fabio is?

Skylar: Gosh. This feels like one of those "guess how many marbles are in the jar and win a prize" questions.

And I'm telling you, this felt like a very accurate statement. Because is Fabio 85 or 30? Or 50? Or did he live in another era entirely and have absolutely no overlap at all with my life?


I really wish I knew how to Internet and find out. This is important.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:

Why didn't anyone tell me I looked like a Methodist preacher at The Porch!?

Lagoon selfie with Hannah Rose!

My Christmas cactus is in bloom and apparently confused about what season it is. I blame it on the stores that already have Christmas decorations for sale. 

In my Snuggie and in front of the fire. 

I drilled holes and installed the hardware on my island cabinets without Matt's help! Matt WHO?! (Just kidding. Matt Pants.)

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

My Survivor recap of the week with accompanying scandalous photos.

Best tweets about Vivint Smart Home Arena. Thanks, Brianna.

Auctioning off the world's largest cat painting. Thanks, Janel.

Ken the Internet troll. Thanks, Brittany.

The hair song. Thanks, Anna.

I am so sorry about this. I wish you had seen my reaction to this in real time. Thanks, Haley.

This woman loves her kayak. Thanks, Skylar.

Graduate school Barbie. Thanks, Dan.

Man creates a sovereign nation in Utah. Thanks, Suzanne.

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