Last year I told you about a service opportunity linked to The World Food Program wherein my family participated in a challenge proposed by Pioneers of Peace (FB link here) to take the month of November to collect household change into cups. Throughout November each year, my siblings, nieces, nephews, Bob and Cathie, Tami, etc., drop change wherever found into red cups. We then count the change on Thanksgiving and donate whatever we've collected through this link.

We are surprised each year to cap out at somewhere over $100, which is a meaningful donation to an organization that purports to be able to provide meals for impoverished children for only 25 cents a piece. Apart from helping starving children, it has been a wonderful and tangible opportunity for the kids in my family to participate in a service opportunity, one that we have seen help them gain a powerful perspective on selflessness.

Last year several Strangers participated in the program in November and left comments with Pioneers of Peace, sharing their families' experiences. I was grateful, as I frequently am, for the incredible community we have here of Strangers helping Strangers, wherever they may be.

Cathie is assisting Pioneers of Peace in their efforts this year and she asked that I invite y'all to participate again this year. And I do so gladly. Please check out the links and consider this great and simple opportunity for your families, workplaces, local massage parlors, bowling alleys, etc. And as always, we will love to hear about your experiences if you do decide to participate.

I am fortunate that a large part of my job involves helping children in dire circumstances find safety and hope. Through my job, I've had an opportunity to interact with wonderful organizations and individuals throughout the country that expend every ounce of effort they have to provide resources in some of the worst situations imaginable. I have seen firsthand how community efforts, no matter how small, can make a world of difference for a child who is hungry, neglected, abused, or simply a member of a desperate family that is struggling to overcome insurmountable obstacles. I thank you in advance for your consideration.

And since it is now November (WHAT THE CRAP WE ARE GETTING OLD) it is time to kick off one of my favorite Stranger traditions. In the comments, please share your own story of a time a stranger helped you (or you were able to help a stranger). Let's make it really dusty in here.

~It Just Gets Stranger