A huge thanks to all of you for your amazing support of episode 2 of Strangerville, which we released this week. If you haven't listened to it yet, drop the most important responsibilities you have in your life right now and do this. If the first segment with the kids doesn't make you smile, we will give you all of your money back. My ovaries cried out when I put it together. AND I HAVEN'T EVEN HAD OVARIES IN UP TO SIX MONTHS.

You can find the episode on iTunes or through Stranger by clicking here.

I periodically thank you for all that you do to help create a valuable Stranger community, and I hope you know that I'm completely sincere every time I do this. I fully recognize that your willingness to engage here and share Stranger with friends and family is the reason Stranger has been able to grow and develop into something we all enjoy.

And so, with that, I want to ask you to please take a minute right now and share Strangerville on social media or in whatever capacity you are able. We are so proud of the finished product and we are excited to bring much more great content and stories over the next many months. And Jolyn told me that she will personally guarantee that anyone who helps spread the Strangerville word will have increased fertility. Or decreased. Whichever you prefer. The point is, she has made promises regarding your fertility.


You can also do us a great big favor by hopping onto iTunes and leaving us a review. If you do this, I promise to give everyone a kidney. Everyone.

We mentioned in the episode that we would share some photos and things relative to episode 2. So if you have already had a chance to check out the episode, take a look at some of the entertaining images Meg Walter provided to us, images with which she was assaulted by an angry Internet troll who was upset with Meg's moderation of the Quit Smoking Message Board.

(The below does not include all of the images Meg sent. Some of the images contained identifying information relative to other QSMB members, and so we have chosen not to share them here. Rest assured, every image is equal parts entertaining and disturbing.)

Additionally, in episode 2 you heard me share a story, part of which I had previously published on Stranger in 2014. To see photos and the video associated with that story about my experience walking through Kyiv in the early months of the violent Ukrainian conflict, see this.

Thank you again for your support! Every time you listen to Strangerville, Tami gets her wings (and we all benefit in that situation).

~It Just Gets Stranger