Welcome back to Strangerville, the Titanic of podcasts. Actually, I don't know what that would mean. I might have just insulted Strangerville. UNLESS I was saying that it's like Titanic, pre the whole iceberg incident. The Titanic was basically the bomb before that happened. The point is, somewhere toward the end of this episode you'll hear Jolyn quite nearly criticize me for bringing everything back to Titanic. So I think I may have a problem.

This episode is the bomb, y'all. And I don't even say "bomb" on a plane. I have been wanting to tell you about this thing happened to me several months ago but I knew we were going to do this episode in August and that it would be best if I waited and told it on the podcast so I, LIKE A GROWNUP WHO KNOWS HOW TO BE PATIENT, have waited and waited and waited. And this has nearly killed me. So PLEASE listen to it and gasp in all the right places. YOU OWE THIS TO ME AND AMERICA.

Also, please do us a solid and share Strangerville with literally everyone. Every time you drop the link on what the kids are calling "social media," Jolyn gets a new teardrop tattoo on her cheek. Her face currently looks like the Titanic. POST iceberg.

Please enjoy!


This time in Strangerville we explore the world of travel through some stories that may make you just want to stay home from now on. TSA overreaches, figuratively and literally. A 13-year-old girl tries to take explosives onto a plane. A young woman escapes her problems for an inappropriately-romanticized life in Ireland. And a heroic woman combs the planet to reunite her family after the events of one day change everything.SegmentsIntro: By Eli McCann and Jolyn Metro1. How Can I be one with Rainbow? by Dana Rose Fleming 2. The Day that Changed Everything by Leisl Morris

~It Just Gets Stranger