A lot of people were shocked last night when the election results unfolded. There's disappointment in many people today. This disappointment is the most consistent part of American presidential campaigns. I can promise you right now, there has never been a presidential election in my country that hasn't left hoards of people feeling a pit in their stomach and something like extreme worry or terror for their future.

And those people are entitled to that disappointment.

That disappointment is beautiful. It's beautiful because it means that apathy isn't winning.

That disappointment is beautiful because it means that despite our disagreements, hoards of people still care about their children and their neighbors and absolutely anyone who might be vulnerable in this system.

Yesterday I wrote that we should be proud of one another for engaging in the process and voting, even if we didn't all mark the same boxes on our ballets.

Today I hope we'll all respect and honor one another's disappointments, even and especially if we don't share them.

I hope when we see someone who is full of worry about their future, instead of disregarding the worry or gloating in an opposing victory, we'll embrace the fellow man or woman and promise to work to increase the amount of compassion in the world as honestly as we are able.

I hope that when we hear someone express frustration and anger and fear about what their place is in this world moving forward, we will make sure that person knows that whatever else might happen, there is a permanent safe space right next to us.

I hope that we'll take all of that energy we put toward working against one another throughout this year and decide to refocus it on trying with all our might to selflessly work with one another throughout the next.

In a few months there will be an amazing and peaceful transition of power. We may not all be happy with the transition. But we can all be profoundly proud of the "peaceful" part. We can be proud and grateful that we live in a place that no matter how ugly at times is full of millions of people who have a sacred respect for a process that is the hallmark of a really amazing country. The best one I know.

And after that beautiful, peaceful transition takes place, I hope we'll remember that the most important leadership doesn't come from the top. It comes from the masses. You and me. The group who can commit right now to love one another enough to better ourselves so we can be better to each other.

Love to you all.

~It Just Gets Stranger