We somehow made it through our first year of Strangerville. The learning curve has been steep, and will surely continue to be so. But somehow Jolyn and I have survived the year without

1. Killing each other

2. Falling (mutually) in love

3. Getting married for tax reasons

4. Getting divorced for tax reasons

5. Starting a band that specializes in Caribbean-themed bat mitzvahs

6. Destroying the entire internet except for the Spacejam website

7. Prison for more than one month

So as you can see, it has been a miraculous year.

When we started Strangerville at the beginning of the year we never dreamed that by the end of 2016 we would have obtained the reach that we have. And we have all of you to thank for that. Jolyn and I would have an illegal amount of fun putting Strangerville together even if our mothers were our only listeners (Cathie and Nancy? You are listening, right??? You've been awfully quiet lately. We know where you live.)

But being able to share the amazing stories we've been fortunate enough to record all year with y'all has made this so much more meaningful for us and all of our storytellers.


You have been the bee's knees for all of your help this year to share Strangerville and spread the word. At this time of year most of the podcasts you listen to are begging for money. We aren't doing that at Strangerville. Although, Jolyn has been eyeing a very fancy slap bracelet recently and probably wouldn't turn down a quarter in a pinch, ifyouknowwhatImean.

No. Instead of asking for money like people without pride, we just ask that you use all of the generosity you have in your whole soul to share Strangerville right now. Share our Facebook post. Send a Tweetbomb out into Twittertube. Email your family. Send a fax to the White House. Post a duck-face selfie on Instagram.

We don't care how you do it. We just promise that an angel will get its wings (or have its wings taken away--whichever you prefer) if you do us this one big favor right now.

And this is a great episode to do so. I know I sound like a broken record every month, but The World of Guardians really is one of our favorite episodes we have produced this year. It is packed with stories we know you will love and that we are sure will give you a good chuckle. Also, it includes a cameo from Brianne, Strangerville's brightest star.

I'm sorry for saying the word "chuckle." I promise to never do it again. Unless I'm punishing you.

So without further ado, we give you Episode 11.

P.S. (Does a "P.S." count as "further ado"? I don't actually know what "ado" is. Can someone please clear this up?) Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a really exciting announcement about Strangerville in 2017. I would give you more detail right now but Jolyn and Meg might actually slaughter me just for having this "P.S." They are each scary individually. But you have no idea the horror of their powers combined.

This time in Strangerville, we explore stories about awkward and complicated encounters and relationships with parents and guardians. A first-time mom suffers wrath after destroying Christmas magic. A father surprises his six children with an unexpected gift. A young boy brings a present home to his mother who must feign excitement. A teenage girl at a new school receives an unwelcome visitor to her math class. And the daughter of a fringe politician must find a way to make peace during a volatile year.Intro: Brianne Fallis; Jolyn MetroSegments:1. Popcorn Shrimp by Sam Allen and D'On Allen2. Did You Make Your Bed? by Rachelle Pearson 3. Politimom by Jen Robinson

~It Just Gets Stranger