As you know this is The Year of Creativity for me so now I'm an an artist and I demand that everyone refer to me as "Willow." I just painted one black line on a dirty canvas and I've already listed it on Craigslist for $1200. I'm pretty legit now.

I told you that as a part of The Year of Creativity, I would be unveiling some new creative projects that will expand the Strangerverse and turn into yet more barriers to Bob and Cathie getting extra grandchildren out of me.

Well today I give you one of those announcements. Now introducing:

Courtesy of Matt Broome

Jolyn Metro, Meg Walter, and I are beyond excited to announce our inaugural Strangerville Live show.

Strangerville Live will be a live show hosted in downtown Salt Lake City, primarily focused on storytelling, with some other surprises to boot. The idea came about when Jolyn, Meg, and I realized that there aren't enough opportunities for groups of people to gather in popular hipster venues to tell us how pretty we are. And that's not fair to us OR you.

Our first show will take place at Impact Hub, located at 150 S State Street in Salt Lake City on Thursday, February 23, at 8:00 PM.

Strangerville Live will feature developed stories from Strangers everywhere. To kick off our inaugural show, we'll hog the stage ourselves and feature four storytellers, including:

1. Meg Walter: Creator and comedy writer of TV & Jelly; production staff for the Strangerville podcast; stern mother of two.

2. Jolyn Metro: Co-host of the Strangerville podcast; psychic; sheep herder; Soviet spy.

3. Eli McCann: World's best hair.

4. Whitney Call: Studio C actor and writer; considering getting a restraining order against the rest of us; also a Soviet spy.

We are so excited about Strangerville Live that we have even made an extremely informative video to tell you all about it!

We want to see as many of you there as we possibly can. You can buy tickets HERE. They are $5, which is not enough to give you any expectations that the show will end with Disney fireworks, but hopefully enough to cover our costs so Jolyn doesn't have start selling her virtue. (The onus would fall on her because mine expired in 2006).

Seating is pretty limited so buy tickets now. And maybe buy all of them so you can scalp them in front of Impact Hub on January 23rd.


And now, please enjoy this week's Strangerville Short:

~It Just Gets Stranger