Week One

           Good morning dear office and happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday. This is your friendly office HR rep here to help you ring in the new year! I’m new around these parts and happy to be working with you! Because of the incident with Fred in November, HR has a new mission to improve office morale and as a part of that mission, I have decided that this year the HR rep should be better about communicating with you all through messages just like this one. Through the end of 1984, I will post a letter on the front door every week with uplifting messages for you all to read and think about for the remainder of the working days. My messages will usually just contain an inspirational phrase to help you remember how important the work is that you all do here! So please take a moment to read these messages every Monday morning and help me make 1984 our best, and safest, year ever!

           We’ll start this week off with an old classic: When life hands you lemons, make lemonade! This is a message I know each of us who is still here in the office can definitely use!

Week Two

           Thanks for the great first week. The message for this week: A penny saved is a penny earned. Something we could all remember on pay day this Friday!!! Smiles and laughs!



Week Three

        Happy Monday, busy bees! January might be a little chilly and dark, but let’s not forget an important message: It’s always darkest before dawn!

           One note to the janitorial staff: I noticed that the last few weeks these bulletins were removed by Tuesday. I am hoping we can keep these up for the entire week. Could you please not touch this one? Thanks! Your work is valuable!


Week Four

           Finishing out January with great memories already. I know this was a difficult week for some of you when Fred’s wife came by to view some of the damage. But I hope we can all look at these types of things as positive steps! Small, but positive. Don’t forget: Drop by drop fills the bucket!

           JANITORIAL STAFF: I assume you didn’t notice my message last week. Please DO NOT remove this sign. Thank you.



Week Five

           I know that some of you have become involved in the law suit against Fred’s family. I want to remind you about the importance of keeping conversations related to these law suits out of the work place. You all have important jobs to do. There is nothing to be gained by talking with one another about what different lawyers have promised you or speculating about whether or not Fred intentionally brought that bear into the office. Please, try to remember: patience is a virtue!


Your HR Rep,


Week Six

           I would like to apologize for what some of you viewed as a “racist” gesture in last week’s note. I did, in fact, include a very poorly translated message in Spanish, which was intended for the janitorial staff, whom I believed to be ignoring my messages asking them to not touch these bulletins. I meant no harm. And while, as it turns out, the janitorial staff DOES have some Spanish speakers, apparently assuming this and writing messages to them in Spanish is “inappropriate.” Even HR people make these kinds of mistakes! So I guess this week’s message: Nobody is perfect!



Week Seven

           I received a note from the janitorial staff explaining that they have not taken any of these notes. However, these notes have been taken every single week, usually on the day I post them. This leads me to believe that someone in this office is taking them down. I want to believe that you are doing this because you gain so much from them that you want to keep them forever. Please stop this. I would be happy to make you a copy each week if they mean that much to you.

           This week’s message: Every time you point a finger, three are pointing back at you.


Week Eight

           I will have this door monitored this week and I will find out who has been taking these notes. So if you don’t want to get caught and severely reprimanded, I strongly suggest that you leave this bulletin ALONE! I will not warn you again!


Week Nine

           To the person who wrote on the bottom of last week’s note, “Why are you threatening to monitor the door? Why not just monitor it and catch the victim unexpectedly?” I would have you know that I was trying to handle this situation like an adult and give you the opportunity to behave like an adult and not have to face the consequences of your unprofessional behavior. You did not take this opportunity and instead took the bulletin down the next day. Because I was monitoring, I know who you are. Please report to my office by noon today.


Week Ten

           Last week the person who has been taking these notes was supposed to report to my office and that person defied my orders. I know who you are. I am giving you until the end of the day to turn yourself in. If you do, I will ensure that the punishment for your behavior is decreased significantly. I will not give you another chance.


Week Eleven

           I am NOT going to put up with this any longer. If anyone has any information about who might be drawing pictures of me with what appears to be a long stick coming out of my behind area and who is taking these bulletins down each week, please report to me immediately. I will ensure that you are rewarded for your information.


Week Twelve

           It has come to my attention that Tom is the person who has been acting inappropriately. Tom, because I do not have concrete evidence that it is you, I will not take further action at this time. But I wanted to post this note today to let everyone know that I am on to you and that I WILL be watching you. Tom, you're a complete jackass. And I hope that karma seriously pays you a visit!


Week Thirteen

           It is with heavy hearts that we return this work week, mourning the loss of our colleague and friend Tom. We are proud that if Tom had to go, he was able to go while performing such an act of bravery. We are certain that his family will be proud of his efforts whenever they see a school bus of children in the future.

           On a personal note, as some of you are aware, I wrote a message last week in the bulletin that some feel sounded somewhat accusatory of Tom and that may have implied that I wished hardship to befall him. I certainly would not wish that of anyone, and certainly not of a person like Tom, even though he was taking these notes week after week. Unfortunately, that bulletin has gone missing (probably because Tom took it) so you are unable to read what I wrote and see that I wished no ill will toward anyone. Tom was a prankster, and I’m thankful for his congenial spirit, which I will miss just like the rest of you as we celebrate this Easter season.

Life is precious.


Week Fourteen

           Whoever took down last week’s bulletin and replaced it with the one from week twelve will pay serious consequences when you are caught. I hope that you think about the harm you have caused. Because you have been too cowardly to admit to your wrongdoing, Tom’s final moments were lived out under the whisperings of scandal. Tom was innocent but because of you, his name was tarnished in the final moments of his life.

Week Fifteen

           Larry, are you the person who has been taking these notes down? Rot in HELL Larry!

Week Sixteen

           The first person to take down this note is a moron!

Week Seventeen

           You think you’re so funny changing the words “take down” to “write.” I don’t care what words you changed. YOU took the note down a few days later. I hope other people saw it so they could see how moronic you looked!

Week Eighteen

           Didn’t get to collect the bulletin last week? What’s that? Did the HR rep spend the entire week camped out in front of the door from the early morning hours until late at night? WHO’S THE MORON NOW!?

Week Nineteen

           I have decided that because it is impractical for me to man the door at all times, and well after working hours, to protect my bulletins, I will instead be displaying personal information for various employees’ performance reviews each Monday on these bulletins until the culprit comes forward. Think about what you’re doing to your colleagues.

         Janae: Last year Janae’s half-year performance review listed her as “behind target,” “slothful,” “distracted,” and “wholly unpresentable.” Janae, I don’t know you, but you sound like a real piece of work! I hope I don’t have to start listing your communicable diseases next week!


Week Twenty

           When I was informed about Janae’s stage five cancer and her leaving work last summer to live out her final weeks, I immediately took down the bulletin that I had posted. I am certainly sorry for the things I shared about Janae. I did not know her and was unaware that she was no longer employed in this office. I was also unaware that her widowed husband still works in this office. I would like to formally apologize to Larry for any of my behavior that he may have found disrespectful. My predecessor, rest his soul, did not exactly leave me with organized records and Janae’s file was clearly still in the wrong place.

           I would ask that whoever made a copy of Week Nineteen’s bulletin and has been hanging it around the office since last Monday, please stop doing this, for Janae’s sake.

Week Twenty-one

           You know, I took this job because I imagined that working for a church would be an uplifting experience. I guess I was wrong! I don’t know exactly who is responsible for spray-painting devil horns onto my picture in front of my office, but I can assure you that whoever it was will be caught and reprimanded. You do not want me to involve upper management on this. Thus far I have kept them entirely out of the loop on what has gone on this year. I have done that for YOUR benefit. But you are starting to run out of my good graces!

Week Twenty-four

           I took a few weeks to clear my mind a bit and the vacation was well needed. I know things got a little heated before I left and while I was gone I was able to reconnect with the whole purpose of what we do here and I realized that if we don’t get out of the office sometimes, we are all susceptible to unproductive expressions of our frustrations. Fred’s bear incident just after Thanksgiving was of course a perfect example of that. And I’m certain that if Fred hadn’t fallen chest first onto the miniature steeple out front during the chaos inside, he would tell you today that a little time out would have done him some good as well. That’s why I have proposed and obtained approval for an office team-building afternoon out in the warm summer sunshine for this Friday afternoon! Bring sunscreen!

Week Twenty-five

           Because of the very disappointing behavior that took place during Friday’s team-building activities, all team-building activities will be cancelled for the foreseeable future.

Week Twenty-six

           Whoever wrote “mission accomplished” at the bottom of last week’s bulletin, I hope you think about the damage you caused in your efforts to get your own way. I’m sure Denise is grateful for the second degree burns on her scalp and consequently her half-bald head. I do not believe that Bryce was acting alone, but I am certainly pleased that he was terminated for his conduct.

Week Twenty-seven

           Welcome back Denise! The team missed you and looks forward to some great days ahead!

Week Twenty-eight

           In response to the accusations, I did NOT mean anything whatsoever by my use of the word “ahead” in last week’s bulletin. Denise’s injuries are unfortunate, and I am the last person in this office who would think that they are the source of jokes.

Week Twenty-nine

           Hey everyone! Great to be back here for another week! I look forward to working with such a talented and impressive team! Don’t forget, you’re only as strong as your weakest teammate! Let’s do some good! You guys inspire me constantly!

With gratitude,

Week Thirty

           Hello again! The jokester who took last week’s bulletin got me again! I am so impressed with your tenacity and spirit!

         Hey, one quick personal note this week, if you don’t mind: My son is raising money for the color-guard team at his school and is asking for pledges. Basically, you just pledge a certain amount of money for how many times he can march back-and-forth across the football field within a twelve-hour period. If you care to donate, I will have the sign-up sheet just outside of my office! Thanks in advance!


Week Thirty-one

           Whoever pledged “Megan’s fake boobs” on the sheet last week has made it clear that this office needs a little refresher course on what constitutes sexual harassment. We will be conducting a FOUR-hour lecture on this tomorrow afternoon. You can thank your hysterical coworker for this.

           I will leave the signup sheet for pledges on my door until Wednesday. I sincerely hope you will consider pledging something as I’m certain the time will come when your child will need donations for his or her bail.

Week Thirty-two

           Writing “something” on every line on the signup sheet is the weakest joke you have come up with all year.

           I will not ask you again. Do NOT remove these bulletins. They are to stay on the door until I replace them with the next bulletin.

Week Forty

           I’m back! I was hoping you wouldn’t have gone to any trouble with a welcome sign or any indication that I was missed, and you didn’t disappoint! It’s like you didn’t even know I was gone! The almost two months I spent in training were very refreshing, primarily because I got to spend them away from you jack-asses. I learned many new tricks of the trade and because of your shenanigans this year, I want you to know that I’m going to make working in this office a living HELL for you people for the remainder of your careers.


Week Forty-one

           I did not see the surprise welcome-back party, which occurred moments after I posted last week’s bulletin, coming. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I can only imagine last week’s bulletin was taken down by someone who hoped to protect me from the embarrassment of getting upset over nothing. You guys really are like my family! Thank you.


Week Forty-two

           Training this week. It is mandatory. Please do not touch this bulletin.

Week Forty-three

           I refuse to believe that nobody showed up for training simply because they didn’t see last week’s bulletin. You heard me make the announcement orally multiple times. The bulletin served merely as a reminder. While it is frustrating that someone continues to take the bulletins down when I have asked nicely that they not do so, I cannot let you blame your irresponsible behavior on this.

Week Forty-four

           We are approaching the one-year anniversary of the Fred Bear Incident. This month, let’s honor the memories of Janice, Brian, Tina, Christian, Justin, Florencia, Tino, Jasper, Jessica, Mark, Peter, Jacqueline, Matthew, Tyrel, Jason, David, Ryan, Samuel, Daniel, Annette, Stacie, Flick, Jose, Jon, Thelma, Teresa, Tami M., Tami L., Heidi, Janice, Cynthia, the Gordon sisters, all of those who were injured but not killed, and of course Fred. I know that many of you were in the office and have vivid memories of decapitated heads smashing against the wall and limbs being ripped from the bodies of your colleagues and friends. If you need it, please feel free to come and see me this week. But let’s not forget that we have a lot of work to do! A productive office is a happy one!


Week Forty-five

           I understand that this office typically takes several days off for Thanksgiving. In an effort to save money this year, we will be working on Thanksgiving week with the exception of Thanksgiving Day. Please plan accordingly.

Your HR Rep,

Week Forty-six

           As some of you know, someone let a raccoon into my office over the weekend. This raccoon defecated on and destroyed furniture. While this may have been intended as an act of practical joking, I can assure you it is being viewed as an act of vandalism. An investigation is ongoing and the person responsible will be prosecuted accordingly.


Week Forty-seven

           I would think that with what happened just one year ago, this office would know better than to bring animals from outside into the office. I want you to know that the police are taking very seriously the twelve stray cats that were released into my office this weekend. I have been very patient all year with this behavior but I have given you too many chances. I will be holding you financially responsible when I find out who is behind this!

           Having to work with you bastards all year, I don’t blame Fred for what he did!

Week Forty-eight

         You all have just gone above and beyond in your community outreach recently! Our jobs to help provide for the homeless in this city sometimes seem daunting and impossible. I am SO happy that you were generous enough to let the homeless in this weekend to take your things and piss in your drawers! I mean, I know I didn’t ASK you if that would be alright with you, but you’ve been letting so many animals in lately, I didn’t think you would mind if I invited people off of the streets to come in, too. Happy holidays!


Week Forty-nine

           BURN IN HELL! ALL OF YOU!

Week Fifty


Week Fifty-one

           I refuse to believe that nobody remembered to tell me that that magazine was coming to take photographs last Monday to feature our office in an article about churches involved in charitable service. I hope you are happy that a picture of last week’s bulletin made the front cover. You have taken these bulletins down EVERY FREAKING WEEK all year long and you just HAPPEN to leave that one up last week?!

Week Fifty-two

           Just wanted to say goodbye. I sincerely hope that my replacement is a serial killer. P.S. I HOPE YOU LIKE MY PARTING GIFT!


Week One

           Happy new year dear colleagues! I’m excited to spend this year with you! I hope to make it a great one full of positive energy. I know that there were some very unfortunate issues with your HR rep Fred a while back and then even more with his replacement, Megan, last year. I want everyone to know that I was able to visit Megan this week and the doctors hope to transfer her to a more comfortable facility soon if they feel she is no longer a threat to herself while she awaits her trial. In the meantime, for those interested, Larry’s family will be holding a candle-light vigil and prayer service in hopes that the remainder of his body will be found soon.


~It Just Gets Stranger