If you can believe it, Jolyn and I have somehow lived a full year since we launched Strangerville. Take that, our parents.

Ok, truthfully, our parents never expressed doubt that we could survive the year. But Jolyn and I need to funnel our teenage angst somewhere and Bob & Cathie are firm and steady targets for this sort of thing because they're mature and they don't fight back when nonsense is spewed at them, which is exactly what I look for in my life associates because I have a very loud bark but ultra-sensitive ears.

Where was I? Oh yes.

The one-year anniversary of Strangerville is upon us, and Jolyn and I need you to come celebrate with us. We have cake and everything. Unfortunately you can't have any because this is a podcast and we ate it all anyway. Unless you want to go get your own cake and then listen to this episode while you eat it. There's a 12% chance Jolyn will jump out of it if you get it from Baskin Robbins. Even higher if the cake is large enough to fit a human inside.

This year has been amazing and this is largely because of you. We have had so much fun building Strangerville and sharing it with all of you. You have made Strangerville so much better than it ever could have been by sharing your stories, your feedback, your voodoo, etc. And we don't know where we would be if you hadn't helped us spread the Strangerville word by sharing your favorite episodes on social media and bathroom walls.

Actually we do know where we would be. In our basement, wearing Snuggies, and binge-watching both seasons of Fuller House. Which is actually not such a bad consolation prize.

We love you. And we are so excited to share Episode 12 with you. So please join us for our celebration and catch up with some of your favorite storytellers. Bonus points for anyone who shares in the comments your favorite Strangerville memories. (We aren't sure yet what the bonus points can buy, but we do know they are valuable).

This time in Strangerville we celebrate Strangerville’s first birthday by taking a walk down memory lane, playing never-before-heard clips from you favorite stories, and providing some updates from Strangerville’s most memorable storytellers. Join us for this packed episode of nostalgia and celebrate a momentous anniversary with your favorite (and hottest) Strangerville residents.

~It Just Gets Stranger