Y'all. I'm choosing this one time in my whole life to just actually say "y'all." Because this is important. I've been saving up my once-in-a-lifetime use of that word for this moment.

Strangerville Live is somehow only a few days away. Jolyn put together this very informational video to prove it.

Obviously I'm working hard to put together my act. If you have any other suggestions of things I should incorporate into it, you better speak up now because we are running out of time.

And speaking of running out of time, if you haven't purchased tickets to Strangerville Live yet, you better hurry and do it. We will most likely have some tickets available at the door, but we are limited in the amount of people we're allowed to let in because of some stupid thing call "fire code." It's a pretty large space and we will be able to accommodate quite a lot of people, but availability is quickly shrinking, so if you know you want to come (and you know you do because hashtag my hair), just jump on and get your tickets. It will take two minutes. You can do it HERE.

We are so excited about this show. Meg, Jolyn, Whitney Call, and I have worked together over the last two months to develop some humor stories that we think you will love. We also have an awesome musician by the name of Jared Bird who will wooing all the ladies (or men BECAUSE STRANGERVILLE IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY WORLD). The show will run about 90 minutes. But, like 90 massage minutes. Not 90 work minutes. And we all know those are two very different things.

In other news, Jolyn, Meg, and I are so happy to release our 13th episode of Strangerville. You'll want to check this out. Gmac is back and better than ever. Also, I think she may have hit on me in her interview. You decide.

This time in Strangerville, we explore stories about people who have changed their lives by making courageous decisions for themselves. Individuals across the country give up all their possessions to turn art into garbage in the desert. A woman in her 80s talks her children into letting her put herself into a home. A struggling artist lands a couple of very exciting jobs writing for popular television shows. And a 23-year-old woman makes the heartbreaking decision to end a short-lived marriage. Join us, and let this packed episode of Strangerville inspire you to seize the day.Intro: East Jesus, by Eli McCann and a desert wandererSegments:1. Assisted Living by GMac2. A Twitter Message by Bridger Winegar3. Divorce is Not a Failure by Jenny Rollins

GMac (second from the left) and her friends on Halloween.

~It Just Gets Stranger