In case you didn't see this incredibly important video I shared as a part of Monday's Episode 13 post, I'm including it below.

To say that we are excited/terrified about Strangerville Live's inaugural show on Thursday is an understatement. I'm pretty sure our contact at the venue is nearly ready to get a restraining order against us. Which would be her loss because I accidentally spilled linen-scented soap into my gym bag on Sunday so now I smell like a fresh summer breeze.

But seriously. If you are debating whether or not to come, just let yourself win the debate and get your tickets. We'll do everything we can, up to and including foot massages, to make it worth your while.

Also, while I'm asking you to do things, Jolyn had a great raffle idea, which I announced on what the kids are calling the Facebookings over the weekend. We want more iTunes reviews because apparently this matters. I don't know. I just found out about the Internet in January.

So, Jolyn has offered to embroider "1+1=Furrrrever" onto a Snuggie and send it to one lucky winner of our raffle. The way you enter is by leaving a review on iTunes for Strangerville (something not so ridiculous that iTunes won't approve it). Take a screenshot of your review as you are leaving it and email it to us. We've had a few come in already (thanks!). I'll announce the raffle winner next week.

You can leave the iTunes review HERE.

And since I might actually be incapable of not asking you to do things at this point, also also, Jolyn has started an Instagram account for Strangerville, which you should all go follow at strangervillepodcast.

There is already upwards of one picture of me in cutoff jean shorts there.

And finally, since you've survived the above, an update on the Mr. Duncan Doodle School of Potty Training and Not Biting His Daddy Every Second of Every Day:

Mr. Doodle was doing so well. SO well. He wasn't going potty inside. Only outside. Like a good and true American.

And then.

I don't know what caused this. I think he may have been mad at me for something that wasn't my fault.

He had spent the entirety of Presidents' Day with Mr. Pants. We took the dogs for a hike. Mr. Doodle jumped on Mr. Pants the entire time and bit his face. Mr. Pants put up with it.

Then we took the dogs back to my house, wherein they hung out together all day. Mr. Doodle jumped on Mr. Pants the entire time and bit his face. Mr. Pants put up with it.

Finally Matt scooped up Mr. Pants to take him home for his bath. And the moment the door shut behind them, Mr. Doodle had a full on meltdown.

You would have thought he lost a child.

He rolled around on the floor next to the door, wailing, making sounds I did not even know dogs were capable of making.

He could not be comforted. He just cried and cried and cried.

And I would be lying if I said I didn't have a tear come to my eye during this because I started thinking about how Mr. Doodle doesn't understand why Mr. Pants left and maybe he thinks he'll never see Mr. Pants again and yeah Mr. Doodle is really annoying to Mr. Pants but it's only because he loves him so much and wants to be just like him and probably feels comforted when he's around as Mr. Doodle tries to make sense of this loud and confusing and scary world and OH MY GOSH SOMEONE HELP MR. DOODLE!

And I can't blame him for acting this way. I've been known to throw my own tantrums when Matt takes Mr. Pants away from me, too.

So I scooped up Mr. Doodle and snuggled him until he eventually calmed down.

And then I walked him into my bedroom and put him on the bed. And the moment I did, he looked me straight in the eyes, and urinated 12 gallons of pee.

He didn't even try to hide this from me.

So, yeah. Two steps forward, one step backward.

But I just love him.

~It Just Gets Stranger