Skylar, looking like a hipster on our weekend snowshoeing excursion during which we had the below conversation.

Eli: What would you do if you had an I Am Legend situation and you suddenly woke up one morning and had the whole world to yourself?

Skylar: Are there zombies?

Eli: No. No zombies. Just all of the people have disappeared and the whole world is yours.

Skylar: Suicide pill.

Eli: But what if--

Skylar: Suicide pill.

Eli: Wouldn't you want to--

Skylar: Suicide pill.

Eli: There is really nothing you would want to do before taking a suicide pill?

Skylar: Nope. I don't want to live in a world without dogs.

Eli: I didn't say anything about dogs disappearing. Just people.

Skylar: Oh. So I still have my dog in this scenario?

Eli: Yes.

Skylar: In that case, I would take my dog on hikes in places where dogs aren't typically allowed.

Eli: Ok. What else?

Skylar: That's it. Just lots and lots of hikes. And we would probably go places where dogs are already allowed, too.

Eli: The entire world is yours. You can do literally whatever you want. And all you would do is take your dog on hikes, even some hikes you can already do today?

Skylar: Yeah.

Eli: You wouldn't at least go give yourself a tour of the White House or walk around the mall naked or charter a yacht to Fiji? Nothing?

Skylar: Nah. Just take my dog hiking.

Eli: You are a freaking weirdo.

Skylar: Why? What would you do?

Eli: I would drive a $200,000 car to Chicago and see if I could start a fire big enough to burn the entire city to the ground. Then I would cook a ton of steak and eat it until I fainted.

Skylar: . . . and I'm the freaking weirdo?

So, yeah. Your turn. What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and everyone else the world had disappeared so you had the whole planet to yourself?

~It Just Gets Stranger