Last week Brianne was lecturing me about love languages because she said that I need to be better at understanding how to work with people and she suggested that if I knew people's "love languages" I would have some success in this. This seemed like a strange lecture because I thought I was working just fine with people. Then I realized that the whole reason for the lecture was so she could say, "for example, your love language is telling people what to do and just getting your way all the time."

No matter how many times I try to remind Brianne that the nature of our professional relationship is one where I am supposed to ask her to do things and she is supposed to do those things, she refuses to not criticize me for "being bossy."

Please enjoy some Pictures & Distractions:

Mr. Pants lookin for cats.


Mr. Pants eats at the table. 

Jolyn at Strangerville Live (photo by The Suzzzzzzz)

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Holocaust is fading from memory.

Snuggie lied to us. Thanks, Francie.

Chicken coop church. Thanks, Nicole.

Some background to one the greatest ever episodes of The Office. Thanks, Skylar.

10 of the best places to visit on google street view. Thanks, Ben.

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