You guys. Paul Simon. I'm going to be like this close to him this weekend. I got negative eleventy row tickets to see him for his supposedly-farewell-tour-but-obviously-he-could-never-retire-from-me. He probably already knows I'm coming and that I love him and that I would give my life for him even if it wasn't really necessary, but I also feel like if any of you are friends with Paul Simon, maybe you could do this Stranger a solid and get me some VIP backstage passes? Also, if you have this connection I might murder you and wear your skin. AND I MEAN THAT ONLY IN A NORMAL WAY.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:

In Natchez

Jackson Mississippi

Duncan punkin got a new collar. 

They like me because my phone is filled with pictures of dogs.

I fell asleep on the couch and woke up to this.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Hilariously bad stock photos. Thanks, Mimi.

Chicken shaming. Thanks, Alesha.

Captivating photos of people knitting. Thanks, LaShahnda.

Most beautiful chickens on the planet. Thanks, Sarah.

The making of the rap in Teen Witch. Thanks, Noelle.

Therapy chickens in nursing homes. Thanks, Molly.

Sandlot had a cast reunion. Thanks, Bethany.

Terrifying pet chicken alert. Thanks, Margee.

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