I haven't done Pictures & Distractions in a while and I don't know if any of you care but I miss it and I'm feeling 1% less lazy right now so here you go.

Also, speaking of not being lazy, please don't be lazy yourselves and get your tickets to Strangerville Live. The show is next Friday all y'all. And you know I literally never say that. Jolyn and I both promise nudity if you come. Meg promises modesty. Our promises cancel each other out.

In other news, it's Valentine's Day and Mr. We-Don't-Celebrate-Valentines-Day-In-THIS-House-So-Don't-Get-Me-Anything woke up early to make breakfast and give me a sentimental card. After I read it and told him I thought he said we weren't celebrating he yelled "THAT WAS A TRICK SO I COULD PROVE THAT I'M BETTER THAN YOU!"

So things are going super well.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:

This is what every second of Facetime with Matt and Ollie Pants looks like. 

Skylar wearing the biggest scarf of all time at the Opera (I made it). 

Speaking of knitting, did I ever show this scarf I made. SORRY THAT I'M SO TALENTED.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Have you been listening to Hive Mind yet? Start. This week, Meg and I talk about Roma.

Cole Escola true crime parody. Thanks, Meg.

Cole Escola commercial parody that I have watch 11,000 times. (Brief language). Thanks, Meg.

WHAT DID I JUST READ. Thanks, Sarah.

Stinky family gets kicked off of plane. Thanks, many of you.

Top Gun, the Heterosexual Tragedy. Thanks, Matt.

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