So last night I went to Kalli's and Heather Twistysocks' place to try to get some homework done because I couldn't be in my house any longer and, just as I expected, there are far too many distractions when we get together and I went home three and half hours later completely defeated. I will now post for you the itinerary for the night which is probably mostly accurate. Keep in mind, we were all sitting within five feet of one another the entire time:

7:00-7:30: We signed onto IM and added each other as contacts.
7:30-8:00: IM'ing back in forth, including my first ever three-way IM.
8:00-8:10: Kalli tells me over IM that the apartment smelled like a carfor to which I responded, "what's a carfor." She answered, "it's for driving you idiot!"
8:10-8:30: Laughing harder than we've ever laughed about the carfor joke.
8:30-9:00: Texting, IM'ing, calling each other and posting on our blog
9:00-9:45: More IM'ing, eating about 70 expired Noni chews, and at one point Kalli tried to re convince us that the story about the plant that convicted a man of murder by failing a lie-detector test is, in fact, true.
9:45-10:00: Heidi got home from work and we relived the carfor joke again for her benefit.
10:00-10:45: IM'ing (just with Kalli this time). Our whole conversation was made up entirely of "LOL" "BRB" and emoticons simply to make fun of the use of each of those things.
10:45-11:00: Reading our homework with just a few minor interruptions.
11:00-11:25: Kalli sent me some very unfortunate pictures of how I looked after we all stayed up all night out side on the fourth of July for the parade (which we promptly left, shortly after it started, to eat and shower).
11:25-11:35: More blogging and IM'ing.
11:35: We said goodnight. Satisfied that we had gotten nothing done.

I think I'll go over there for homework more often. LOL