By way of update--That baby's daddy did not win the class election.  Neither did the Beach Boys candidate.  I must say it was quite awkward when they sent out an email to announce the two winners because a thousand dreams were crushed that day and there was a general bitterness in the air.  So many good ideas for assemblies that will never get used.  So many good dance decorations that will never be hung.  So many yearbooks that will never be signed.  (If we have year books, I WILL violently projectile vomit all over the school until everyone is thoroughly covered in Cafe Rio, as I'm sure I'll have eaten Cafe Rio that day).

The saddest display of bitterness was by one girl who sits near me who had told me at orientation before I even knew there were elections that she was going to run and win and she had so many fantastic ideas.  Consequently, she and a guy that met at orientation and sit directly in front of me in every class started a ramped love affair on day one, so dramatic that I feel like a guest star on days of our lives in classes every day.  Sometimes I go to class just to find out what's going on in the relationship.  Super nice people.  She DEFINITELY wears the pants.

But this girl was talking loudly to a friend about the election while I was studying at my desk.  The friend had asked her how she felt about losing and this girl responded without hiding any of the bitterness "well, over half the class is married so it doesn't surprise me that the two winners were married white males!"  To which I uncontrollably turned my head in their direction and started laughing.  I quickly stopped when I realized that I had done this; I was just so shocked at what I heard that it was as if I couldn't control my actions.  I could have told her she needed to calm down.  I could have told her that out of the 4 class representatives in the two older classes, three of them are black single females (which is true).  But that would clearly have been in violation of my policy to stay out of things.  On a side note, I did feel really bad about laughing at her and I've tried to be extra nice to her ever since to make up for it.  I may need her vote next year~