Two times in a row now I have put my clothes in the washer, dumped the soap in, and then walked away without starting it or even closing the lid. Yesterday I walked back over to it a couple hours later to move the clothes over to the dryer and I saw blue streaks all over my whites and thought I had just stained all my whites somehow; then I realized that the streaks were not stains but soap that had not yet been used to wash the clothes.

Why is this happening?

On a side note, I've been having a strange tingling sensation in my back just below my left shoulder blade off and on for about a month.  Any idea what this could be?  I think I have it narrowed down to diabetes, MS, tuberculosis, scabies, shingles,  and/or plague (I can't tell yet but there may be dark spots forming in the area).  But seriously, any ideas on this?  It may just be some kind of power that tells me when fortune is coming.  Or tragedy.  Hopefully it's fortune though.~