It's 11:00 PM and I just got home from school and I thought I would share with you something that I just did that should give you an idea of what is happening to my head lately:  I started getting undressed at school. Let me explain . . .

I got up this morning before 6:00 and I've been at school working non-stop all day.  I had some mock interviews I had to participate in tonight so I was in my shnazzy three-piece-suit.  After the interviews my study group and I gathered for the 3,000th time today to spend a few more hours going over some material for tomorrow.

At about 10:40, after a few very intense hours, we decided to call it quits for a few hours so everyone could go home and sleep.  As we got up and started packing all of our books and laptops, I started getting undressed as if I was at home getting ready for bed.  I can't explain what was happening and I know it sounds crazy but I was simply not thinking about it.  So I took off my jacket, vest, and tie and I kicked off my shoes.  I unbuttoned my shirt and got most of the way down when someone asked a general question about our schedule tomorrow and I sort of snapped back into it and realized that I wasn't home yet.  I thought about just covering it up because it seemed like nobody had noticed what had happened until someone looked over, gave me a weird look, and cautiously asked what I was doing.  The really sad thing is that when I told everyone that I thought I was home so I started getting undressed, nobody acted like that was such a weird thing (all of our brains are gone).  After a few moments I think we all sort of realized how crazy it was and we had a good laugh after that.

But really, what is wrong with me?  I'm going crazy.  That's what's wrong.

~It Just Gets Stranger