Alii, strangers. To kick off your weekend in the states, I bring you three short videos from Palau. My friends and I down here run off to a great beach near my apartment most days right after work to snorkel, read, watch the sunset, contemplate the things of life, etc. until dark. One of the more productive activities at this spot has been Daniel's participation in the Eli McCann School of Diving.

I discovered shortly after arriving that Daniel is about as good at diving as the the Queen of Colors is at loving others (which is not good, in case you're new). We swim out to a floating dock and hang out there frequently. One evening I told Daniel I thought we should practice diving off of said dock. Daniel then ran to the edge to dive and that's when I discovered that he had a problem. And the really shocking part was, he didn't know he had a problem.

Daniel was convinced that since he put his hands together in the praying position while jumping into the water feet first, he was, in fact diving. Several arguments later I finally decided to shoot a video of his version of "diving head first" so he could see for himself that he, in fact, was NOT diving head first. Once all parties agreed upon this, Daniel applied and was eventually admitted into the Eli McCann School of Diving, which lasted for three days before there were any positive results.

And so, to give you a nice way to enjoy your snowy weekend (if you're in Salt Lake today), I give you three short videos of our progress. The first video is the one I discussed above, the second is another terrible attempt at diving, and the third was shot shortly after graduation.

Any ideas on what tricks we should teach him next?

~It Just Gets Stranger