Hey Strangers. Let's enter this weekend in style with some pictures, distractions, and one odd request at the end.

This, and the next few pictures, are taken of an advertisement for a club we came across today. Check out the English translations.

More great English translations.

And more happy so lucky fun times English.

Taken at a rooster themed restaurant in Palau that my friend Brian has started calling "The Q of C."

At the Q of C restaurant.

Even the napkin holders are Queen of Colors paraphernalia.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

The Queen of Colors's arch-nemesis? Thanks, Meghan.

Great ice-cube recipe. Be sure to read the comments. Thanks, Heather.

Apparently there are some obscure January holidays to get us through the rough times. Thanks, Val.

~It Just Gets Stranger