Today I got an email from my sister Krisanda. Krisanda is the creator of The First Eye. And this is the sister who made me believe she and I were half Mexican until well into my teens. And the sister who convinced me that we had an older sister named Christina who was killed in a car accident on her way home from a beauty pageant and ever since she has haunted my parents' basement wearing her tiara and singing "I Will Always Love You."

Krisanda is the reason I'm still afraid of basements.

Her email today came with a picture.

And the following explanation: "Lifetime movie line-up for the day. Could today get any better? Actually, yes. If they just add 'My Breast' after 'A Stranger At My Door' it will be perfect."

Krisanda and I used to play a game when we were teenagers where one of us would read the names of 4 movies from the TV Guide and the other would have to guess which of the 4 was the Lifetime movie. She also used to occasionally entertain the family with a reading of the Lifetime movie line-up, which she would do in a provocative smoker's voice. "My Breast" was always a family favorite. And you TOTALLY just read "My Breast" in a provocative smoker's voice.

Keep making us proud, Krisanda. You and your 1/4 Mexican children.

~It Just Gets Stranger