This has been one of my favorite weeks in Stranger history. TMZ, Above the Law, Urban Dictionary. Good times, thanks to you guys. We're like one big happy dysfunctional family together. And I love it.

The homegirl who wrote the Above the Law article about Britney Spears took issue with how I characterized her article yesterday and commented on the post. But we responded to her and were all like, "twice up the barrel, once down the side!" And she was all, "good point." Because twice up the barrel, once down the side is always a good point. And now I want to be her friend. Because I read her stuff and she's not so bad. Staci? You still around? Stranger welcomes all. Except for the Queen of Colors. And snakes.

And now, your pictures and distractions.

Daniel playing in a waterfall.

Rock Island

Rock Island

Rock Island

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Had one job. Just TRY not to let this suck away 30 minutes of your time. Thanks, Matt. And congrats on that new baby. It better be named after me in some way.

Shame your pet. Probably more funny if you actually have animals. But still kind of entertaining.

Interesting map of the states redrawn to equal out the population sizes. Thanks, Mary Beth.

A map showing the most common place for Craigslist missed connections by state. Sorry if you come from one of the Walmart states . . .

8 new punctuation marks we desperately need. Thanks, Ann-Marie.

~It Just Gets Stranger