Occasionally I catch my 9-year-old niece on Facebook chat and on a good day, I'm able to get her to chat with me for a few minutes. Unfortunately she usually seems to be too busy to chat for long. But I cherish these moments. Speaking of Facebook, have you liked the Stranger Facebook page yet? No? Go ahead and do it now. We'll wait and we won't talk about anything important while you're gone . . . ok guys, they left. What do you really think about them? At first I wasn't really sure because they were wearing that shirt and oh shhhhhh! They're coming back. Hey welcome back! Thanks for liking the FB page. Now on to today's post.

Eli: Hey there baby cakes!

Kaylee: I can't talk to you right now. I'm very busy.

Eli: Too busy for your favorite uncle!?!?!?

Kaylee: Yes. Love you.

Eli: Can I just tell you one thing before you go?

Kaylee: What?

Eli: Did you ever know that you're my hero?

Kaylee: ok.

Eli: You're everything I wish I could be.

Kaylee: I know!!!!!!

Eli: Oh and I. I could fly higher than an eagle. You. You are the wind beneath my wings.

Kaylee: You are weird Eli and I don't understand you.

Never were truer words spoken. And now, your weekly pictures and distractions:

Sometimes I want to scream at Palau. But other times, I remember that I live in a place where I can drive for a few minutes and then play all day in cascading waterfalls in February. During those times, my life seems pretty awesome.

Enjoying a perfect day for waterfalling.
Daniel spent half the afternoon staring at pieces of vine and tree. This branch was to Daniel like a ball of yarn is to cats.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doingBased on the reactions to yesterday's post, there should be way more options than this. Thanks a lot, Shea. Some friends I had in law school at BYU have been doing these insane things in Utah for a few years. I do not understand how they are not all dead yet. And while I support this behavior in no way, I can't look away when they post these videos.Men experiencing contractions. Thanks, Kalli.I don't think I like this. But I couldn't stop clicking for more.18 beautifully bizarre places you should see. Shout out to Utah!~It Just Gets Stranger