I informed Daniel last night that I publicly warned all who read Stranger about his egg problem. He got incredibly defensive, assuming that I painted him in a false and negative light. Then he demanded that I immediately read the post aloud to him. He refuses to read Stranger on his own so any post he is exposed to is done in this manner. I asked him once why he doesn't just keep up with the blog himself and with the wave of his hand he said, "I don't have time for that nonsense."

Let me ask you guys: If you knew there was a blog that was read by tens of thousands of people every day and that very frequently contained posts about you, wouldn't you make checking that blog a bit of a priority?

Anyway, after reading the post to him, which I did very well, I might add, he nodded and said, "No. That's accurate."

Guys. He STILL doesn't think he has a problem. STILL.

Anyway, he did ask me to make sure to clarify that he is not the type of person who normally takes food home after bringing it to a dinner party and the only reason he had those deviled eggs in the back of his car was because those eggs never made it into the house in the first place.


And now, your pictures and weekly distractions.

Homemade meal! Raw beets, some super unhealthy mashed potatoes and a chicken something-or-other.

There were FRESH STRAWBERRIES at the store!!! Not many, and they were expensive, but we bought them anyway! AND they had spinach! This is the first time I have seen either of those items in Palau! First salad in months.

Ok. Not super recent. This is in Bulgaria about 5 months ago. I finally started going through my Europe pictures. And I miss my sisters, including this one.

From the roof of a great little building in Istanbul. So so different from Palau.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

A guy who instant messages with his cat. Thanks, Jamie.

Insomnia Jeopardy. Thanks, Madeline.

The chair Snuggie! Thanks, Claire.

Most annoying animal sounds ever.

Dating sites you may have not known exist. Thanks, Craig.

Ostrich pillow. Thanks, Elizabeth.

~It Just Gets Stranger