Last night I popped some popcorn. Daniel took a handful of it and then dropped it into his full glass of ginger ale.

Eli: What are you doing!?!?

Daniel: Huh?

Eli: You just put popcorn in your ginger ale!

Daniel: Oh. Yeah.

Eli: Why!??!

Daniel: I like it soggy.

He then stuck his freakishly long fingers down the glass, pulled a few kernels out, and offered me one.

And now, this week's pictures and distractions.

Mr. Daniel. Notice the shades of farmer's tan on his left arm.

Watching the sunset during an ocean swim.

Drinking some coconuts with Brian and Daniel.

Hanging out at a small waterfall with some friends.

Kicking it in the jungle, Palau style.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

The most and least friendly countries for tourists. Remember all the things I said about Bulgaria? VINDICATED.  Thanks, Brian.

BYU comes in at number one, even though I'm not there anymore. SHOCKING!

Maybe I'm just very behind, but I hadn't seen this amazing video before. Thanks, Kayla.

It will become Trixy's life purpose to see that this site meets its demise. Thanks, Chels.

I normally hate videos like this. But . . . a man tried to jump into ice.

~It Just Gets Stranger